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Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown is the co-founder and Creative Director, orchestrator, sound designer and producer of Audies at Sybil Productions Ltd.

Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown is an experienced musician, composer and sound designer. He has worked with leading A-List artists, including 8 years as principle keyboard player for Madonna, 8 years as band member and co-writer/producer with Seal and as musical director for Richard Ashcroft. A gifted writer and soundtrack composer, Marcus' music can be found in commercial adverts, film and TV. As creative and musical director at Sybil Productions and Sybil Productions Live, Marcus leads the composition and live musical performances translating decades of A-list experience into live immersive installations. He coordinates and directs live immersive sound from synthesisers, samplers and live keyboard performers, breathing life and emotions behind the work of our live actors, creating new interactive worlds from sound and music.

Career Highlights:
- 2016-2023 Self employed session musician, composer and producer, County Durham, UK
-2008-2016 Touring keyboards/bass, live production, co-writer and co-producer (recording) with Seal, LA, USA
-2000-2008 Principle keyboard player, Madonna (live touring band), LA, USA
-2002-2005 In-house composer and programmer, Machinehead (film & TV commercial music house), LA, USA
-1998-1999 Musical director, Richard Ashcroft (live touring band), London
-1992-2000 Self employed session musician, programmer and producer, London (via Smoothside).


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