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About Us

We are Sybil Productions.

We're a new, independent production company.

We combine stories and music to take you on epic adventures.







Meet the Team

Creative Director

Marcus Brown

Marcus Brown is the co-founder and Creative Director, orchestrator, sound designer and producer of Audies at Sybil Productions Ltd. He has previously worked with A-list artists Madonna (2000-2008) as her principle keyboard player, and on keys/bass and co-writer/co-producer with Seal (2008-2016). He has had a varied career in music industry since the mid-90s working on hit records, world tours and film/tv composition before co-founding Sybil Productions in 2023.


Tony McAnaney

Tony McAnaney is a well established producer and musician from the North East of England. He's played guitar on our Audies and is a much valued advisor and supporter of our Audie productions. His previous film and TV composition work includes Spender and the Riff Raff Element, and he has spent over four decades writing and producing music in the pop industry.


Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams is an established stage actor, musician and voice actor. He's toured Europe with musicals like Cats and Evita, and is an experienced independent and freelance voice actor and performer. He plays The Whistler in the demo of episode 2 of The City: Revolution and provides character development and voice acting for our Audies.


Vikki Price

Vikki Price is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sybil Productions, also writer, musician, lyricist and exec producer of Audies at Sybil Productions Ltd.


Steve Sidelnyk

Steve Sidelnyk is an internationally renowned drummer, percussionist and producer, who has worked with everyone from Madonna to massive attack to Annie Lennox. He's probably played on half the records on your favourite Spotify playlist. He'll be playing drums/doing our drum programming on The City: Revolution.


Peter Skelton

Pete Skelton is a local photographer and has captured behind the scenes snaps of our productions in progress. Watch this space for more from Pete!

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